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Pica AI Covers Every Face Swap Need

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How to Swap Face Online with Pica AI

Easy, quick, and free face swaps at your fingertips.
1. Pick Your Swap Tool
Choose from single face, group photo, or video swaps based on your needs.
2. Upload the Target
Add the image or video clip containing the face(s) you want to replace.
3. Provide Source Face(s)
Upload the portrait photo(s) with the face(s) you want to swap in.
4. Generate and Download
Click 'Generate' to auto-swap faces. Preview and download your creation!
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Enter the Face Swap Wonders

Discover AI photo and video face swap, where your imagination sets the limits.
Become Your Favorite Character
Swap faces with beloved movie or TV icons for an epic crossover.
Fun Swaps with Loved Ones
Switch faces with family and friends for laughs and cherished memories.
Gender Swap
Swap genders for mind-bending, amusing transformations.
Save Ruined Photo Moments
Swap faces to fix awkward expressions or closed eyes.
Create Epic Memes
Swap faces on meme templates for hilarious viral hits.
Unleash Face Swap Magic
Explore uncharted face swap possibilities and start new trends now.

Why Choose Pica AI Face Swapper

Experience the best in AI face swap.

Boundless Creative Face Swap

With the Pica face swapping tool, you're in control to remix anything imaginable. Access a huge library of popular templates or upload any photo or video to let your imagination run wild. Become a historical figure, take a selfie with a celebrity, swap your face onto '90s yearbook photos, or mashup anything you can think of. Face swapping is not just fun - it lets you explore different realities and bring your wildest ideas to life.
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Ultra-Fast, Flawless Face Swaps

Pica AI's reface tool makes face swapping faster and easier than ever. Just upload your photo or video, hit 'Generate,' and watch as the AI seamlessly swaps faces automatically. No manual adjustments needed - get polished results in moments. Advanced algorithms ensure precise face matches, smooth transitions, and more. Want incredible face swaps in an instant? Pica AI delivers.
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Secure and Private Face Swap

Your privacy is our priority at Pica AI. Every face swap you create, upload, or generate is exclusively visible to you. Enjoy complete control with the option to delete your creations at any moment, ensuring your face swapping adventures remain confidential. With Pica AI, you can explore with peace of mind, knowing your privacy is protected.
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Pica AI Face Swap Loved by Millions

Unlock the magic of face swapping.
Free and quality face swaps
I tried the single, group, and even video face swaps with Pica AI. They're not only free but also of high quality!
AI pics & Face swap = Awesome fun!
I create cool pictures with an AI image generator, then swap my face into them with Pica. It's fun!
Video face swap is amazing
Making meme videos with face swaps on Pica AI and sharing them on social media has been epic. Everyone's asking me how I did it!

AI Face Swap FAQs

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Explore endless creative possibilities with Pica AI's online face swapper.
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