Magic Avatar

Turn your selfies into realistic and creative AI avatars with one click. Discover infinite versions of yourself with Pica AI.
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Create Your Own Mind-blowing AI Avatars

Creating AI avatars is not simply retouching images or applying filters. It relies on sophisticated AI algorithms to generate incredibly realistic avatars of yourself, rendered in different art styles and poses.

How Does Pica AI App Work?

Step 1
Open the Pica AI Magic Avatar app and click the Create button.
Step 2
Upload 10 to 20 selfies that clearly show your face.
Step 3
Choose the AI avatar styles you like.
Step 4
Pica AI will generate high-definition, unique and cool AI avatars for you.
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A Diverse Range of Stunning AI Avatar Styles

Turn yourself into a cartoon character, futuristic mech warrior, basketball player or superhero with the Pica AI avatar app! Simply upload your photo and see yourself like never before. Get ready to wow your friends on social media with Pica AI generated avatars.

Users Love Pica AI

"I am absolutely blown away! This app is awesome, it has created hundreds of AI art portraits for me and they look awesome. Truly top-notch and deserves a solid five-star rating!"
"Highly recommend Pica AI magic avatar to anyone who wants to add some fun and creativity to their photos. It's really good and easy to use, even for those who are not tech-savvy, and there is a wide variety of AI avatar styles that you can apply to your own photo or a picture of someone else."
"What sets Pica Magic Avatar apart from other AI avatar apps is the ability to make your own anime avatar that truly represents you. Perfect for creating social media profiles or having a good laugh with friends."

Pica AI Magic Avatar App FAQs

Want to know more about AI avatars and the Pica AI app? Take a look at the frequently asked questions (FAQs) provided below.
Is Pica AI magic avatar app free?
On which platforms is the Pica AI avatar generator app available?
How long does it take to create AI avatars?
How many AI avatars can I get?
Will my AI avatar look like me?
What happens to the photos I upload on the Pica AI app?

Did you encounter any questions during the payment process?

You can pay by scanning the code with your phone

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