Erase Objects from Photos

Remove any objects, people, and text from photos quickly and smoothly with AI.

STEP 1: Upload your image

Click or drag an image to upload

STEP 2: Paint over the unwanted objects in your image


STEP 3: Click 'Apply' to erase the objects

1-Click to Remove Any Objects from Photos

With Pica AI Photo Eraser, you can easily delete any objects you don’t want in your photos—just use the brush tool to paint over any clutter, text, or extra people, and watch as your photo cleans up in seconds. This tool is awesome for: E-commerce: Make your product photos look super clean to attract more buyers. Landscapes: Remove unwanted items from your nature shots to let the real beauty shine through. Selfies: Clear up blemishes and tidy up the background to make your selfies look amazing. Real Estate: Keep property photos clear of any distractions to help show off the place better. Pica AI Photo Eraser makes fixing your photos simple and fast, no matter what kind of picture you’re working on.

Easily Remove People from Your Pictures

Want just the scenery or yourself in the photos? Use Pica AI Photo Eraser to quickly take people out of your pictures—whether they’re blocking the view or accidentally walked into your shot. Just swipe, and they're gone, leaving you with the perfect solo shot or a distraction-free view.

Quickly Remove Text from Your Photos

Pica AI Photo Eraser allows you to erase any text messing up your shots. Annoying labels, signs, or random marks? No problem. With just a click, they disappear. This makes your product shots look slick and keeps your personal photos clean and focused on what’s important.

What Users Say about Pica AI Photo Eraser

Pica AI makes photo cleanup a breeze.
Magic Object Removal - No Traces!
I'm amazed by Pica AI! It‘s AI Photo Eraser removes objects so cleanly, leaving absolutely no weird marks. It's as if the objects were never there. Pure magic!
Quick Cleanup Saves Time
Pica AI is a total time-saver. I can clean up my photos in a flash without having to fiddle with complex tools. It’s fast and efficient—perfect for my busy schedule!
Effortless Photo Clean-Up
I just swipe over what I don’t want in my picture, and it’s gone. It clean up my photo backgrounds, smooths out skin in my selfies... Editing photos has never been simpler or more fun!

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