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8 Best AI Art Generator Apps for iOS & Android

Jun 29, 2023

Creating AI art and avatars on your phone just got easier with the help of AI art apps. These apps bring AI image generation capabilities right to your fingertips, allowing you to create stunning AI artwork with ease. . While AI art apps may be slightly limited in functionality compared to web-based AI art generators, they still provide high-quality output.

These apps utilize AI technology to analyze inputs such as texts or reference images and generate corresponding AI artwork. They provide a convenient and on-the-go solution for unleashing your creativity and exploring the magic of AI. 

In this article, you’ll find 8 of the most popular AI art generator apps, including their features, supported operating systems, pricing, and more. Now grab you phone and let’s start AI creation!

8 of the Best AI Art Apps

Pica AI – AI Avatar Generator

  • Key features: AI avatar and portrait generation
  • Operating system: iOS, Android coming soon
  • In-App purchase: Yes. 50 AI Avatars for $3.99
  • Web-based platform: Yes. Visit Pica AI Art Generator online site
Pica AI Avatar Generator

With Pica AI Magic Avatar, you can easily transform ordinary photos into high-definition, unique, and cool AI avatars, all with a few simple steps. 

This user-friendly app offers a variety of stunning AI art styles to enhance your avatar creation experience. Whether you like classic, modern or avant-garde art, you’ll find the style to suit your tastes. Plus, Pica AI continuously updates its library of art styles, keeping you updated with the latest trends.

The cutting-edge recognition technology used by Pica AI art app ensures that your avatar retains your unique facial features while incorporating the selected art style. This results in lifelike and realistic avatars that truly represent you.

Pica AI avatar generator app can create a minimum of 50 high-definition avatars at a time. Once you find an avatar you like, you can easily download it and save it to your device for future use. Additionally, you can easily share your AI avatar on popular social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, and share your charm with the entire online community. 

Pica AI also offers an online website that expands its range of AI capabilities. On the website, users can explore additional functionalities such as AI text to image and AI art generation from photo.

Lensa AI – Photo Editor & Magic Avatar

  • Key features: photo editor, magic avatar, perfect selfie, effects & filters
  • Operating system: iOS, Android
  • In-App purchase: Yes. Monthly subscription for $7.99
  • Web-based platform: Not provided
Lensa AI

Lensa AI is a versatile AI-powered photo editor designed specifically for enhancing portrait selfies. This powerful app offers a wide range of photo editing filters and techniques to help you capture the perfect shot, whether it’s refining your selfie, removing background blur, or making any necessary adjustments. 

With Lensa’s AI integration, the app takes photo editing to the next level, utilizing artificial intelligence technology to deliver even better results.

One of the standout features of Lensa is its “Magic Avatar” functionality. By leveraging AI technology, the AI photo app allows you to transform yourself into virtual characters and create your own unique AI avatar set. Simply provide images of yourself, and Lensa AI will generate a series of avatars in various styles. As Lensa’s “Magic Avatar” gain popularity, the app has been climbing the charts on the App Store. 

Beyond avatar creation, Lensa offers an array of additional AI features. You can make use of the magic face retouch tools to enhance your facial features and achieve a flawless look. The app also provides video editing capabilities, allowing you to enhance and transform your videos with ease.

Dream by Wombo – AI Artwork Generator

  • Key features: generate AI images from text prompts or image prompts
  • Operating system: iOS, Android
  • In-App purchase: Yes. Monthly subscription for $9.99
  • Web-based platform: Yes
Dream by Wombo app

If you are looking for the AI image generator app, look no further than Dream by Wombo. 

With the WOMBO Dream app, you can turn words into stunning photos and beautiful digital artwork, all powered by artificial intelligence. This innovative app brings your ideas to life in seconds, making art creation easy and exciting.

Using Dream is a breeze. Just enter a prompt or description, choose your desired art style from a variety of options including Reality, VFX, Anime, Avatar, Street Art, and watch the app generate your AI art masterpiece.

WOMBO Dream app offers a huge selection of styles, ensuring you find the perfect aesthetic for your desired results. You can even use existing images as references or upload your own photos to spark the creative process.

Wombo AI generator app opens up a world of artistic possibilities, letting you explore vibrant, colorful paintings, or delve deeper into darker, more dystopian styles. With high-quality output and the ability to save videos of your creative process, you can truly have fun and share AI-generated photos and images.

Wonder AI – AI Text to Image

  • Key features: turn words into art 
  • Operating system: iOS, Android
  • In-App purchase: Yes. Monthly subscription for $9.95 
  • Web-based platform: Not provided
Wonder AI - AI Text to Image

Another AI art generator app you can try is Wonder. With Wonder AI, it‘s easy to turn words to breathtaking AI-generated art! You can unleash your creativity and watch your ideas come to life in seconds.

Using Wonder is easy. Simply provide a hint or a description of the artwork you envision, choose from a variety of fascinating art styles, and let the app work its magic. Whether you want ornate baroque paintings, futuristic synthwave landscapes, or anything in between, Wonder offers a variety of familiar art styles to suit your taste.

Explore different styles, try different tips and be amazed by the stunning results. The app’s intuitive interface ensures a seamless experience, allowing you to easily create stunning works of art.

Meitu – Photo Editor & AI Art

  • Key features: photo editor, beauty camera, turn photos into art, filters
  • Operating system: iOS, Android
  • In-App purchase: Yes. Monthly subscription for $7.99
  • Web-based platform: Yes
Meitu - Photo Editor & AI Art

Meitu is a feature-rich AI picture app that offers a range of powerful photo and video editing tools. One of its outstanding features is the advanced AI art technology that brings a new level of creativity and artistic flair to your photos. With just one tap, Meitu’s AI art technology can transform your ordinary photos into stunning anime-style artwork.

Meitu uses cutting-edge artificial intelligence algorithms to analyze your photos and apply artistic filters and effects to give them a unique and stunning look. Whether you want to add a little whimsy, emulate a specific art style, or just enhance the visual appeal of your photos, Meitu’s AI art technology has you covered.

The AI art feature is not limited to still images. Meitu also utilizes this technology to enhance your videos, allowing you to apply artistic effects and filters to create visually stunning video content.

With Meitu’s AI art app, you can easily take the creativity and visual appeal of your photos and videos to a whole new level. 

PicSo – AI Anime & Human Creator

  • Key features: cartoon AI converter, text to art generator
  • Operating system: Android only
  • In-App purchase: Yes. Monthly subscription for $9.99
  • Web-based platform: Yes
PicSo - AI Anime & Human Creator

PicSo is an AI art generator app for everyone. It has different functions and styles to help you express your artistic ideas. You can create anime characters, human figures, turn images into cartoons, and convert video clips into animations using PicSo.

With PicSo, you can easily make personalized anime characters or AI humans that represent your vision. You can customize their appearance, such as hairstyles, eye shapes, clothing, and accessories, using user-friendly controls and high-quality graphics.

The app also has an image cartoonizer powered by AI. It can animate your photos, including pictures of yourself and your pets. Additionally, PicSo can transform video clips into captivating animations, making your videos more engaging.

Another exciting feature of PicSo is the ability to turn text into AI photo art. Simply enter any text you want, and the AI will generate visual art based on your words. This feature sparks creativity and provides inspiration for your artistic creations.

Dawn AI –  AI Self-Portraits

  • Key features: AI avatar generation
  • Operating system: iOS, Android 
  • In-App purchase: Yes. Weekly subscription for $4.99
  • Web-based platform: Not provided
dawn ai

Dawn is an AI avatar app that lets you create amazing avatars using the latest technology. With just a few clicks, you can turn your photos into unique and imaginative creations. Simply upload your pictures, and Dawn works its magic to transform you and your friends into anything you can imagine.

The app offers a wide range of options to customize your avatars. Whether you want to become a superhero, see yourself as a historical figure, or even swap faces with Hollywood celebrities, Dawn has got you covered. You can also explore endless filters and generate funny portraits of your friends, making the process fun and entertaining.

Dawn’s AI technology is capable of generating stunning portraits with thousands of styles to choose from. Just enter a text prompt, and the AI will create visually captivating images based on your description. Share your creations on social media and stand out with completely unique visuals.

Photoleap AI – AI Art Photo Editor

  • Key features: photo editor, AI selfie generator, create artwork with AI
  • Operating system: iOS, Android
  • In-App purchase: Yes. Monthly subscription for $6.99
  • Web-based platform: Yes
Photoleap AI - AI Art Photo Editor 

Photoleap is an all-in-one AI art app that brings together advanced AI technology and stunning photo editing features. With Photoleap, you can easily create stunning digital art and turn your photos into stunning masterpieces.

You can enhance your photos with a variety of tools, from retouching to adding instant photo effects to revitalize and rejuvenate your images. You can also replace the background to give your photos a new and exciting look.

Photoleap also takes photo editing to the next level with features like Photo Animation and 3D Effects, bringing your images to life and adding captivating motion.

With Photoleap’s AI Art Generator, you can turn your selfies into unique works of art and create personalized avatars. Let your imagination run wild, explore abstract AI drawings, and transform yourself into your favorite drawing or cartoon.

Photoleap is part of the renowned Lightricks suite of applications, ensuring a seamless and professional editing experience. Unleash your creativity and enhance your photos with Photoleap’s innovative features and powerful AI technology.

People Are Asking

Is there a free AI art generator app?

While there are many AI art apps available, it is worth noting that free and full-featured AI art apps are uncommon because of the significant costs involved in their development and maintenance, including computing resources, data analysis, and database storage. As a result, most AI art apps do have pricing plans to cover these costs.

How do I make an AI avatar?

There are various AI avatar generator tools and apps available that can help you create your AI avatar. Examples include Pica AI Magic Avatar, Lensa AI, Dawn AI and more. Download the app that suits your needs, then upload your photos. The app will use AI algorithms to analyze your photo and generate AI avatars. The process may take a few moments. 

Is AI art legal?

The legality of AI art may vary based on various factors such as jurisdiction, intellectual property rights, and use of source material. Be sure to consult a legal professional or an expert in intellectual property law to understand the specific legal implications and requirements in your jurisdiction as they relate to AI art. The laws and regulations surrounding AI art are still evolving, and different countries may have different approaches to address legal issues related to AI-generated content.

Is AI a danger to artists?

The relationship between AI and artists is still evolving, and the impact may vary depending on the specific artistic field, style, and individual perspectives. Our proposal is that artists can choose to embrace AI as a tool to augment their creativity and explore new possibilities rather than seeing it as a direct threat.


With AI generated art apps, you can explore the fascinating world of of AI-generated art anytime and anywhere on your phone. This article provides a comprehensive overview of the 8 best AI art apps to help you choose the one that suits your needs and preferences. Try it out and let your imagination run wild!

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